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team bicycle world

We're excited to formally announce the 2022 Bicycle World Local & National Ambassadors! This group of individuals stood out amongst a deep stack of applicants as leaders and enthusiasts within various facets of their communities.

national ambassadors

Tony Aguilera

Naples, FL | Triathlon/Criterium Racing

Trevor Scott

Chandler, AZ | Time Trial/Mountain Biking

Julz del Viscio

Parsippany, NJ | Triathlon

Bobby Dautrich

New Alexandria, PA | Triathlon

Brian Dudeck

Hamilton, NJ | Road Riding

Aaron Shapley

Austin, TX | Triathlon

Fon Deuterio

Katy, TX | Triathlon/Road Racing

Hannah Gustafson

Houston, TX | Triathlon/Road Riding

Jana Mills

Ft. Worth, TX | Road Riding

Leslye Buntin

San Antonio, TX | Triathlon/Road Riding

Javi Morales

Odessa, TX | Road Riding

local ambassadors

Katie Messerall

Robinson, TX | Triathlon/Road Racing

Ben Glen

Lorena, TX | Road/Group Rides

jeffrey smallwood

Waco, TX |Road Race/Criterium

Mike Pryor

Robinson, TX | XC MTB

Lee Boyd

Woodway, TX | Triathlon/Road Riding

Nick Meyer

Waco, TX | Road/Tri/Time Trials