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Tip # Gear

It's #TriTipTuesday.

Time to gear up, train up. Get your gear race-ready with these pro tips from Natasha Van Der Merwe, professional athlete and Director of Team Programs at...

Tip #2 Scheduling

An effective Triathlon plan is one that you can consistently follow week in and out. Sit down with your family and decide how many hours you can dedicate to training without it affecting your family, work and personal life. Then divide those hours between swimming, biking and running, with the...

Tip #3 Patience

Take your time to build fitness correctly. A maintainable training load will get you to the start line faster and fresher than if you had to rush the process of gaining fitness.

-Todd Sapio, BW Austin Racing Team Member

Tip #4 - Consistency

"Consistency is KEY! Doing something every day, even if it's something easy, is better than two or three hard workouts a week." -Todd Sapio

Tip #5

Today's tip comes from Haley Koop: "Stay calm, cool and collected prior to starting your race. Do what you need to do to get focused, even if it means stepping away from your teammates or family."

Tip #6

"Make sure to have Quick laces on your running shoes, especially for short races (as every second counts in transition) and you will save valuable time not having to fumble with or tie your shoelaces before starting the run."

- Chris Reynolds

What are your tips for saving time in a...

Tip #7

This week's tip is from Brandi Grissom: If you are planning on taking any nutrition that requires opening a package, put a small tear in the package prior the race, which makes it easier to open when you need to get to it during the bike and the run.

Have YOU registered yet? ➡️➡️...

Tip #8

"Watch the waves in front of you as you start the swim and plan out your line for the first couple hundred yards to avoid the pack, especially if you have any fear of open water. Most people jockeying for those front spots overestimate their swim speed by a long shot -- not worth getting caught...


This week's tip is from Doreen Redenius: "Rinse your goggle lenses with baby shampoo the morning of the race to avoid any fogging during the swim." Register today ➡️


This week's tip is from Padre Mora: "Practice nutrition! This is as important as swim, bike and run workouts, and varies from short course to full distance. Start figuring out how many calories you need to consume to finish the race. For short course, you're responsible for your nutrition. For...


This week's tip comes from Aaron Shapley: "Lube everything that is in contact with a piece of clothing. Twice."


This week's tip is from Brandi Swicegood: "Make sure to put your goggles under your swim cap for the swim portion; that way, if they do come loose, you won't lose them."

If you had to pick one important tri training tip, what would it be?

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