Triathlon Season is Here

The first big race of the triathlon season is upon us. This weekend, five of our Bicycle World Racing Team athletes will be competing Sunday at Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston: Haley Koop, Paul “Barny” Matthews, Todd Sapio, Aaron Shapley and me. And Doreen Redenius will be racing in California at the Oceanside 70.3 on Saturday.

In a moment, I’ll introduce you to one of this weekend’s racers, but before we get to that, a reminder that the Rookie Tri, kicking off the local Texas Tri Series, is just four weeks away. Still plenty of time to get in some solid training with us at Bicycle World’s free community workouts. Join us and make sure you’re race ready on May 6th.

And next, a little something special for the ladies. On April 14, I’ll be hosting the Liv Spring Revival Ride, a 30-mile no-drop ladies-only ride. As the Liv Cycling USA Ambassador here in Austin, I’m stoked to partner with Bicycle World to support women cyclists and foster a welcoming community for lady riders of all levels. Our goal is to bring more women into this sport that makes us all stronger together. We’ll have tacos from Texas Beef Council, cold brew from HEYDAY Coffee, recovery treatment from Restore Cyrotherapy and plenty of chances to win cool prizes like SPI Belts, bike gear and more. The best part, though, is the chance to meet other women cyclists, make new friends, find riding buddies and lift up our amazing community of athletes.

Get all the details on the Liv Ride and RSVP using our FACEBOOK EVENT, and bring all your lady friends!

And we saved the best for last. Haley Koop will be launching her seventh triathlon season in Galveston this weekend. Get to know her better below, and then follow along as she crushes the course on Sunday!

Q: How long have you been doing triathlons?

A: This is my seventh season.

Q: What has been your favorite workout in the training block leading up to this race?

A: I have enjoyed being in the pool more than ever before. I have never been a strong swimmer, and I am looking forward to seeing how things go in the water

Q: Do you have any mantras, songs or other tricks that help you push through the tough parts of a long race like this?

A: A great former teammate told me that there will be 10 highs and 10 lows in each race, so I try to stay controlled during the highs and mentally strong during the lows.

Q: What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you during a triathlon?

A: I am notorious for peeing on the bike. In my 2nd full Ironman, I was relieving myself and a passing athlete said to me, “Your water bottle is leaking!!” I was like, “Nope, I’m just peeing on myself.”

Q: What's your favorite thing about racing?

A: The team camaraderie and knowing that I have teammates going through the same thing I am. Misery loves company.

Q: What do you eat race morning? How about during the race?

A: Always oatmeal with a banana. I use Gatorade Endurance, Carbo Pro and Gatorade gels and chews. I might also have some salt, Coke or Red Bull if needed on the course.

Q: Do you love or hate taper? Why?

A: Who doesn’t love taper!? It let’s you get mentally focused, because all the physical work is done.

Fill in the blank: If ___a Personal Record____ happens, I'll walk away from Galveston a happy racer.